Becoming a member of Bermuda BSAC

Joining Bermuda BSAC is very easy.  Please send an email to

 Certified divers

As a certified diver, you can already start diving with Bermuda BSAC as soon as you join the branch. Certifications from another diving agency are recognized by BSAC and we do have a cross-over document to see which BSAC certification corresponds with your current certification.

For divers who don't hold a BSAC certification, we will provide you with a crossover lecture to provide more background about the BSAC way of things. This includes general information about the organisation and its structure, but it also shows you how the BSAC '88 dive tables work.

Non certified divers

If you have never dived before, then you made the right decision to join Bermuda BSAC, one of the many branches of the biggest dive club in the world.

Our club does have their own instructors and they are the ones who can help you become certified as an Ocean Diver. As our instructors do this on a voluntary basis, there is no guarantee that as soon as you join the branch, you could start your entry level course. But of course we will try to have you start your course as soon as possible.  Please get in touch.

Registration Forms / Rates

Please download, print, fill-out, sign, and return forms to the Membership Secretary along with your Membership Subscription:

About BSAC - Download from Attachments Below - Welcoming You!
Membership Registration Form  - Download from Attachments Below - Fill Out and Return
Medical Form  - Download from Attachments Below - Fill Out and Return
Membership Rates - Download from Attachments Below
Crossing Over from other Agencies - Download from Attachments Below

Membership benefits

On Island your club membership can lead to discounts at a number of local dive shops/operators. 

As well as  many more world wide discounts.

Ask us at the weekly meeting for more up to date details about these! 

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